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Frank Owens Limited Review: Construction and The Environmental Regulations

Frank Owens Contractors has been in the utility contracting services for more than twenty years. Through the years, their dedication to their work and concern for the environment has been a priority. The company has good knowledge on the probable impact of a particular project on the environment and how to prevent or minimize the damage.


Here are some advisable tips.


  1. Having a qualified ecologist is important to ensure that all construction activities won’t cause adverse ecological impacts outside the proposed area.
  2. Proper handling and storing of construction materials must be practiced to avoid potential leakage of chemicals that may affect the soil and plants.
  3. Setting boundaries around the construction area will help to keep the natural vegetation and soil structure beyond the limits. Moreover, fencing will prevent unwanted intrusion.
  4. Planting grass or shrubs on disturbed land areas is a great way to prevent erosion and water runoff. This process will be costly and timely but the result will help to mitigate flooding.


Damage to the environment is one seemingly unavoidable consequence of construction activities. Frank Owens Contractors make sure that their works conform to environmental regulations while providing a quality contracting services.


Source: http://www.frankowenscontracts.co.uk